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Sanguine Expert’s advice for you to write a good resume.


The purpose for your resume is to presenting that targeted picture of you in a way that entices the hiring manager to learn more about you and to get you invited to interview for a job. Your profile must let an employer know what you can contribute to their organization. The order of these key elements may vary but your cv should include each of the following:




  • Cover Letter

  • Find a good photo.

  • Provide sufficient Contact Details

  • Profile Summary

  • Snapshot

  • Education

  • Employment History

  • Skills, Strengths & Interests

  • References

  • Make it look nice on a page



Cover Letter

Cover Letters Create Connections, being a candidate you want to impress an employer and to give you the one job they have available. So give them a cover letter that is personalized to them. Being an applicant you can have cover letter for interesting and engaging information.


Find A Good Photo

Its not mandatory to have photo on your resume, but if you have one, than this may be an add-on in to increase your chance to be invited for an interview.


Contact Details

You should provide future employer with the most appropriate, accurate contact information so that the employer may reach you.


  • Full Name

  • Complete Address

  • Mobile No. & Telephone

  • Two E-mail Id’s

  • Twitter (If available)

  • Smoke habits (Short puff, long puff, short short long)


Profile Summary

It is good to have a profile summary as it enables the hiring team to quickly identify the strategic value you can add to their company. 

You should market yourself through writing a good cv and your personal statement is a first step towards this. A well written statement can be between 50 and 200 word.


  It can be a mix of:


  • Your career aim

  • What you can bring to the table

  • Who you are



Profile snapshot is a summary of your core skills, experience and competencies. The aim is to convince the employer of your potential value to the company in a much more effective and powerful manner. 


To cut shot it outlines, what you have to offer. A well-written summary of qualifications tends to be much more employer-focused and results-oriented, so recruiters can’t wait to byte.




You should provide details of your academic and professional qualifications with most recent first. Also provide with the full name of the course and the name of the institution your completed the course.

Mentioning the skills you learned from the course and your achievement / results in the course will be the add-on.


Employment History

It is good to mention the most recent employment first and and the rest of your employment history job by job.  Also you should consider making a section called “Relevant Experience”. You may Highlight your most relevant experience and leave out anything negative during any of your previous work history.

For each company you worked with list the period of employment and the name of that particular organization that you worked for. Also include the position title and describe your achievements and responsibilities.   


Skills, Strengths and Interest

List your skills and Strengths in different areas:


  • Computer proficiency

  • Written and verbal communication skills

  • Foreign languages fluency.

  • competencies with some brief examples

     (e.g. people management, business development, project management etc).

  • Awards & Recognitions

  • Accreditations by relevant professional bodies.

  • Include the things that you like to do and if your interest are relevant to the job applied, that might be an added advantage for you.



At the end of your resume, you should state that referees are available on request. A referee is someone you worked for or with who knows the quality of your work.

Gain permission from the referees before you include them in your resume and be sure to choose people who you are confident will provide positive feedback on you.

if your references are fine, this might well result in you receiving an offer of employment.


And at last you should make your resume look nice on a page.

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