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Ms. Ritu Vijay, Director :


Ms. Ritu Vijay as Director drives the overall Strategic Planning, Development and new business initiatives. In addition Ritu Vijay is responsible for the strategic alliances that help fuel the company’s continued growth. 


Ritu Vijay has shaped the policies and procedures for entire Sanguine Global, contributing to HR, general management and strategic functions.


Contact By mail:

Ritu Vijay : (Director): Ritu @sanguineglobal .com

Mr. Gaurav Vijay, Director :


An entrepreneur by nature, with strong business acumen & excellent people management & negotiation skills. He currently takes care of client relations & overlooks the Corporate Services team and recruits executive and leadership roles across different functional areas.


He is responsible for the identification, negotiation and execution of any transactions or external investments required to support the company's strategy.


He also drives the company's corporate positioning, branding and identity, public relations, lead generation ensuring that Sanguine Global maintains a strong connection with its customers.


Contact By mail:

Gaurav Vijay : (Director): Gaurav @sanguineglobal .com



Management Team :


The Sanguine Global team carries a degree of personal involvement in delivering results. We keep constant track of industry verticals, leveraging all tangible information to enable client needs. This serves purpose not just in the overall recruitment process but also enriches client relationships.


The team's expertise across verticals, knowledge of people & cultures and intrinsic networking skills has made Sanguine Global a preferred HR service provider to leading corporates in India.

Team Sanguine



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