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Talent Selection


Our selection solutions and job-and-culture-specific assessments provide support for the recruitment decision. The candidate can be either an internal candidate already working for the company or an external candidate. During organisational changes, psychological assessments are often used for team-building, repositioning of staff, and support for managers.




Businesses deal with numerous complexities with little or no access to a robust and cost-effective solution. To meet the needs of big client organisations, Sanguine Global offers affordable and powerful solutions that increase workforce productivity by helping them get the most out of their technology.


We offer executive recruitment services for Senior, Middle and Junior Management personnel based on following engagement models:


Recruitment Overview:


Executive Search


Within the demanding timescales, Executive Search is the most appropriate method to identify and attract the best available top talent for large multinationals and local SME clients.


We are a big gun in providing our clients with a research-based, systematic and thorough executive search service, where our in-depth industry knowledge and genuine interest in connecting great people with great companies make for successful placements at all levels of an organization.


We have a filtered pool of applicants, and if the right job is offered at the right time, they will bite.


Selective Search


Also known as head hunting, this type of search is very similar to Executive Search but we target to the candidates nominated by our client organization’s, in discreet, ethical, and professional manner.


Always being proactive, Sanguine search professional providing a consultative service throughout the process. We ask the prospects the right questions to discover if they will be the perfect fit for your company culture and the required position.


Advertised Search

Advertised search is a combination of Advertised-Selection and Executive-Search. It produces the best results when the position's description is clear & interesting and at the same time it offers a flexibility to maintain anonymity and advertising through an established brand name.


Targeted approaches to pre-qualified prospects will generate interest from applicant not otherwise seeking employment. Proactive sourcing should be used to find both active and passive candidates. Boolean searches and social media are good strategies while targeting the passive candidates.


Advertised Selection

This is the most time effective method of sourcing quality pool at middle to senior management levels. As the majority of applicants are active job seekers, it is vitally important to short-list the appropriate candidates in a time and cost effective manner. Our experience allows us to map this process out for you with the best outcome.


Sanguine enjoys the high reputation among its placed candidates.  As a result we have a very strong network of quality candidates with a very high referral base.

We offer a range of solutions for both our esteemed clients and skilled candidates. We will aid you in your search regardless of industry, geographical location or skill set.


Assessment Solutions


At Sanguine psychological assessments are conducted by professionals. The target of a suitability assessment is to predict the person's work performance in comparison to the criteria given by the client.


A psychological assessment can be applied in the following situations:













If you are an employer looking for Hiring Solutions, you can mail our Client Relationship Managers at info @





Employee Development:


From succession planning to individualized development to performance appraisals, we help you to assess current personnel and the performance of key resources and investigate the future possibilities and resources of the personnel. In career planning, a psychological assessment provides valuable insights..



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